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Medahuman CBD+

Medahuman CBD+

Medahuman is a CBD drink like no other! With 20mg of highly bioavailable CBD in every drink, Nootropics - plants that improve cognitive function, in particular focus, creativity, memory, and recall. Medahuman also has adaptogens from herbs and roots that support your body in handling mental and physical stress. If all of that good stuff wasn't enough, Medahuman contains nutrients and vitamins that improve gut/brain connection and return your body to its optimal performance.

No nasties! Vegan, low-calorie, and made in the UK!

GLOW To nourish your skin within

20mg CBD + Aloe Vera + Olive Leaf Extract + Vitamin C + Biotin

RECOVER To reduce inflammation and fatigue

20MG CBD + Ginger + Turmeric + Piperine + Zinc + Vitamin D3

RELAX To ease anxiety and tension

20mg CBD + Magnesium + Lemon Balm + Ashwagandha + L-Theanine + Vitamin D3

ENERGY To help you stay focused

20mg CBD + Ginseng + Vitamin B + Vitamin C + Natural Caffeine

NIGHT To help you sleep

20mg CBD + Cherry + Magnesium + Valerian Root + Vitamin D3

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