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Little drinks with a big Zing! 100% vegan and gluten-free. 

Organic Ginger: With 27% crushed organic root ginger juice, rather than cheap ginger flavouring, and pressed apple juice as its ingredients, this zinger has a generous warm spicy kick


Extra Hot Ginger: With 40% crushed organic ginger root juice and pressed apple juice and a pinch of chilli, this Zinger is for serious ginger nutcases only! More of a wallop than a kick!


Turmeric: This Zinger was the first ever drink made in the UK using crushed turmeric juice rather than turmeric powder. This is blended with pressed apple juice, lemon juice, black pepper and a little chilli to give it a gentle zing.

Lime & Chilli: a brilliant combination of the sharpness of lime juice tempered with pressed apple juice with a fierce hit of chilli. This one will knock your socks off!

Zinger is Part of the James White Family, check out their other products below.

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