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Big Tom
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Big Tom

Making a great Bloody Mary is frustratingly complex; frustrating because so many people get it wrong! Big Tom makes it simple – just add vodka, ice, and garnish (optional) for the best Bloody Mary ever... every time!


With more than 20 ingredients (including no less than 12 different herbs and spices), Big Tom also makes a delicious, lively, savoury drink – and it’s surprisingly low in calories too (18kcal per 100ml).


Tomato juice has a natural lycopene content of on average 75mg per litre.

Distinctive & unique recipe which has stood the test of time, Big Tom has been around since 1995 and is still loved by thousands of people across the world and are the proud owner of the Royal Warrant since 2002: a mark of recognition to companies who regularly supply goods to the Royal Family.

Make a great bloody mary 3x faster with Big Tom, watch how below!

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Big Tom is a part of the James White Family, check out their other products below.

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Big Tom

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