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James White Organic 
Kids Juice Range

James White Organic Juice
James White Organic Kids Juice

The first ambient, organic juice drink includes fruit and vegetables on the market…

James White Drinks has manufactured juice drinks using organic fruit and

vegetables since 1996. They understand the importance of organic farming and the benefits to consumers and are members of the Organic Trade Board.


Parents often look for healthy options for their children from a young age. There is a saturation of organic food options for baby weaning and toddlers. However, these seem to stop when the child gets older with fewer organic options for parents to choose from. Most juice drinks currently available for parents are non-organic, leading them away from that organic ethos they had instilled in their children from a young age.


Why stock James White Kids Organic?


  • No pesticides – 100% organic fruit and vegetables

  • Unique offering in the ambient kids' fixture

  • Juice and water mix – maximizing taste and ensuring the sugar content is not too high

  • Fruity-tasting product with vegetable benefits

  • Long shelf life – designed for ambient shelf-life

The James White Organic Kids Juice range is part of the James White Family, check out their other products below.


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