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Soda Folk


Soda Folk are the Champions of Flavour! 


 Cherry Soda - Can you remember those overly-fizzy old-school Cherryades that you couldn’t resist? Well, these Cherry sodas bang harder. A colossal hit of REAL cherry flavour. Trust us, it’s the most vivid, cherrylicious soda out here!


Root Beer - A tantalizing twist on the authentic BBQ hang-out. Using real Canadian maple syrup for a distinctly rewarding taste. A real problem for other Root Beers. And this one’s reduced sugar!

Blueberry Muffin - Step inside the fruit bakery and take a sip of ripe nostalgia. A Blueberry Muffin soda that pays fizzy tribute to the well-loved berried bake. It’s a juicy thing of beauty bursting with real blueberry flavour!

Cream Soda - As smooth as the leather seats in a Cadillac. Using real Madagascan vanilla for a deeply rich, moreish tone that caresses your soul like Elvis. And it’s reduced sugar!

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