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Dose & Co

By Tom & Luke

Dose & Co
Tom & Luke

Tom & Luke’s mission is to make eating healthier easy.  That’s why they use only the best quality, real ingredients to create convenient snacks that taste great. 

All of us are unique, and that’s why their snacks are too; Tom & Luke want to have options for everyone.  They’re passionate about awesome food, made from simple, real ingredients that are naturally rich in nutrients. 


The world famous Snackaballs™ now with a daily dose of high-quality collagen protein. With 2g of collagen per ball, this is the perfect way to get an added collagen boost into your diet.

Made with only a few, natural ingredients, relax and enjoy these delicious wholefood choc fudge snackaballs™ without the guilt. They will become the tastiest part of your beauty regime.

Relax and enjoy; Tom & Luke’s mission is to make eating healthy easy. That’s why they’ve created amazing-tasting snacks using minimal, real ingredients.


Available in Chocolate Fudge and Caramel



Gluten Free | Non-GMO | No Refined Sugar | Made in New Zealand


Contact us to become a Dose & Co by Tom & Luke stockist

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