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Impossible Foods

Grass & Co is a multi-award-winning natural wellness company on a mission to deliver the highest quality best-tasting and most effective plant, botanical and vitamin-packed blends.

Functional mushroom supplements deliver naturally potent, nutritional benefits and are rich in

antioxidants, vitamins, polysaccharides, triterpenoids, vitamins and amino acids.


These powerful mushroom extracts are more concentrated and bioavailable than edible mushrooms.

Other benefits include:

Enhancing mental clarity and focus

Increasing energy and stamina

Promoting relaxation; helping to

Lower blood pressure and manage stress

Aiding digestion and balancing the gut microbiome

Improving sleep quality

Boosting the immune system

Reducing inflammation


Grass Co mushroom supplements are versatile and can appeal to a wide range of customers. They can be placed in the vitamin and supplement section to target specific health needs, but also have a broad appeal as a general wellness product and can be featured at the end of aisle displays. This allows for maximum visibility and accessibility for customers looking for a natural and effective health boost.

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