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Eager has extensive experience in the On-Trade. It is the bar tenders first and favourite choice of juice, and is widely respected by all who work in the drinks industry. Due to its focus on quality it was developed for the bar market and since then has proven to be the premium juice in the On-Trade sector as not only is it a trusted and valued product, but offers a brand that has delivered quality, consistently and reliably for many years. Eager offers a fantastic alternative juice as it’s not available in the supermarkets and is unique to the On-Trade. However it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is about being fun and humorous; a brand that has a personality and communicates its values clearly.

Eager offers High quality 100% natural fruit juice which is (NFC) not from concentrate. The juices are blended specifically as a mixer from less sweet fruit sourced from around the world. Eager contains no added artificial sugars, sweeteners, additives or preservatives and not only offers a long shelf life of up to 18 months but can be stored ambiently, without having to be chilled before opening.

Eager is able to offer these unique qualities because it is gently pasteurised and aseptically packed, (by having a thin layer of foil inside the cardboard which stops oxygen, light and flavours reaching the juices) so product can be stored at ambient / room temperature. These production and packaging methods allow for ease of storage without compromising quality and taste.

Ultimately Eager offers the On-Trade a better quality, long-life, mixer and soft drink option, which is an affordable alternative to fresh juice products. It gives all On-Trade sites the chance to offer better margins over other long-life juices as customers will be prepared to pay extra for a more premium tasting product, plus it also reduces wastage, staff consumption and general storage issues.Eager by name.  Eager by nature. And Eager to succeed.