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Beet It
Beet It
Website: www.beet-it.us


Beet It is the No 1. best-selling Beetroot Juice in the world. You won't find anything but natural goodness inside our Beetroot Juice. Like all our other products, we keep our ingredient list simple - 90% Beetroot and 10% fresh apple juice (just to smooth over the naturally earthy taste of beetroot). We are proud to be the UK's first producers of beetroot juice.
The result... simply delicious! 100% natural ingredients.  It is being used by more than 100 scientific research projects investigating the health benefits of dietary nitrate.

Beet It Sport is the No1 natural nitrate supplement brand in the world! Used by Elite athletes all over the world. The product range has rapidly become a key part of the nutritional programme for a wide range of elite sports teams including many international and premiership rugby and soccer teams, Olympic teams including cycling, athletics, rowing, gymnastics, skiing and swimming. Also pro teams for US American football, basketball, ice hockey and Aussie rules football.
Each Pro-elite shot, bar or dose of Nitrate 3000
contains c400mg of natural dietary nitrate.